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Magnum Educorporates A Gateway to corporates, with the times, a leading first Education and Capital Market company of North India. The Institute focuses on developing managerial skills that are relevant to employers and corporate needs. It offers the best managerial skilled certifications in Financial Research and Computer Applications with Latest Industry Tactics followed in Corporates which exposes students to the basics of financial research, investment banking, Private Equity, Corporate Finance Techniques, Corporate Valuations etc.. The trainings are offered in multiple formats, including self paced, web based (e-Learning) and instructor led, which is closely monitored by Magnum Educorporates Staff and Magnum Educorporates Management Team. This course is ideal for candidates that wish to switch their careers or increase their knowledge of the financial services industry .
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as provider in training on job related skills. We are a passionate bunch of people, who believe that the right kind of exposure and knowledge can be life changing. Magnum Educorporates primarily focuses on developing Employable resources in the Financial Sector in India by meeting the outsourced and insourced demands of the Employer . There is a gap between the availability of trained resources and the Job requirements of companies operating in the Financial Sector. Magnum Educorporates is a step towards creating a steady pool of trained and skilled human resources to the Industry.


  • Creating Globally competent finance professionals who can face the challenge of Domestic & International Market with confidence
  • The credibility of a hiring a financial Analyst - CFR than a exotic degree reassures clients, eases the recruitment process, and reduces the risk of hiring mistakes..
  • Our students are superbly trained to gain an in-depth understanding of your clients" needs and to tailor and implement specific solutions. they can build relationships with clients and not simply "make a deal".
  • Job candidates carrying the CFR designation arrive with strong financial breadth, ethical integrity and professionalism. These qualities provide a valuable advantage for any organization hiring these recruits.
  • Our Aspirants are complemented with a motivated, versatile professional skills with expertise in debt and equity capital markets, corporate finance, Investment banking , Equity Research , Technical Analysis , Stock market , Portfolios , Wealth management , Fundamental
  • analysis and investor relations.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    Making a Differencethrough world-class R&D, Training & Education
  • Our Vission

    A Thriving Financial Training Industry Driven by Knowledge and Innovation by giving globally accepted practical skilled sets to create a new generation of competent finance professionals, who can face global & domestic challenges with confidence.
  • Values

    Impact-Driven, Forward Thinking, Team, Integrity


The global financial system is providing us with more challenges than ever before. As a response, the financial sector is increasingly looking for individuals who not only have a deep understanding of financial markets, new financial products, risk control and the new financial structures emerging from the credit crisis, but also a competent knowledge in business management. However, young professionals with this kind of expertise are still hard to find. We tend to live in the world of providing the Employability skills and not the eligibility skills as we take initiating 100 steps beyond to make student skilled with excellence that has relevance with the Employers as we bridge the gap between "Academic and Real practical world ". We do believe in phrase "Degree provides Eligibility and not employability", We make students prepare as per the employers world and not as per the Institutional world by focusing to prioritize on real Industry skills which makes us a differentiating hands to our others.....


  • We provide level playing field for students coming from different background/streams.
  • We are one of the few institutes that cover auditing of financial models
  • We cover the entire gamut of analytics/products used by the financial analytics industry.
  • We ensure that every module is backed by relevant and realistic case studies, which provide in-depth understanding of the concept.
  • For example: Zimbabwe hyperinflation, Japan deflation, subprime crisis, euro-zone crisis, etc.
  • We focus more on real-life business situations rather than pedantic education
  • We have embedded soft-skill sessions for students to enhance there behavioral and communication skills, which brings them at par with the industry

Our Strategy

Magnum Educorporates is a Hub that strengthened itself with professional programs launched for your new financial engineering career which challenges for a Respectable well paid Careers to our Aspirants .Our Vision will be our proven track record of launching successful careers built on a personalized approach provided by a program team with the connections, reputation, and knowledge necessary to help secure jobs at the most selective firms.
Magnum Educorporates Program provides you with the knowledge and skills to prepare for a career in the finance industry. In click of months , you will be ready to take a leading role in a fast-growing field that demands individuals who can apply their education and skills at the cutting edge of finance .We also provide Continuous Personalized Career Services From your first day as a Magnum Educorporates student, the program works to prepare you to achieve your career goals. Starting as soon as orientation week, group workshops, panels, networking events, and receptions offer valuable information specific to all phases of the career search. You also have access to a wide range of personalized services, including individual career planning, resume writing, and interview preparation. Magnum Educorporates also hosts a career enhancement program with placement assistance for our students.
When you join Magnum Educorporates Program, you are few months away from turning your Theoretical training into the Practical training into the careers phrasing into trading, investment banking, financial research ,corporate finance analysis ,capital market ,advisories, wealth management , derivatives, and commodities investments into a successful career in finance because of skilled ability of Magnum Educorporates in developing managerial skills as per the employer needs to global firms and its highly personalized career services Magnum Educorporates has an unrivaled ourselves for the common audience for enhancement in finance careers and for persons who need change in their careers into the secured careers by helping them secure desired jobs with premier firms in the world’s leading financial markets and also providing them the personalized skills of world’s leading stock markets to let them Grow their financials in Revenue terms by providing them the technical skills of Investment . Employers seek out Magnum Educorporates aspirants because they demonstrate not only a mastery of powerful financial engineering tools, but also a solid understanding of the best practices for the changing technological, global, and human dimensions of finance.