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Certified Derivatives Analyst

Certificate in Derivatives Analysis Strategies

Unlock the Complex world of derivatives with a globally respected credential strategies of futures & options 
The CDAS will help you unlock the complex world of derivatives, gain recognition for your expertise, and advance your career.
What will I gain with the CDAS?

  • With derivatives a fast growing financial instrument category, demonstrate that you have achieved an advanced, global standard in developing strategies for their use.
  • Talent of learning & making "MARKET RESEARCH REPORTS " required to start a career in Derivatives & Equities ...
  • What is a Market Research Report?

    A market research report is a document that is prepared by a research analyst from a brokerage or an investment firm. The research report is mainly focused on a particular sector or a commodity or even on a fixed income instrument. These reports provide actionable recommendations like investment advice that can be implemented by the investors. 
    The research report includes metrics that are related to the company, the names of the prominent stakeholders and the present market state the company is operating at. 
    Why Do Investors Need to Study the Market Research Reports?
    Many times, the off the shelf data that is commonly found in syndicated reports is not deep enough to support the investor's research needs. This is when the need for an additional customized research is required. Be it the survey work or the comprehensive desk research or combining multiple methods, Motilal Oswal provides an assurance to bring to their customers the information they need to answer the toughest investment questions. 
    Our team of Research Specialists provides unbiased assessments of the opportunities available to the various business segments of the Indian market. They provide market research reports after a thorough analysis and assessment of market sizing, the growth opportunities, supply chains and the companies to provide the information that an investor would need to take informed decisions that are free of any hype or noise.

  • Build your knowledge of exchange-traded derivatives products and OTC derivatives and their various product characteristics and applications.
  • Learning real time applications of Derivative statistics used Domestically & Internationally 
  • Live Projects done at Magnum on Real time Option strategies practiced like 
    • Long Straddle
    • Short Straddle
    • Long Strangle
    • Short Strangle
    • Long Call Butterfly
    • Short Call Butterfly
    • Long Put Butterfly
    • Short Put Butterfly
    • Strap
    • Strip
    • Long Call Ladder
    • Long Put Ladder
    • Short Call Ladder
    • Short Put Ladder
    • Long Call Condor Spread
    • Short Call Condor Spread
    • Neutral Calendar Spread
    • Long Guts
    • Short Guts
    • Ratio Call Spread
    • Ratio Call Write
    • Ratio Put Spread
    • Ratio Put Write
    • Iron Condors
    • Iron Butterfly
    • Reverse Iron Condor
    • Reverse Iron Butterfly
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the various underlying markets which key derivative instruments are based on and in which they are frequently used.
  • Attain the skills to unravel the technical complexities of derivatives into actionable knowledge that can be immediately applied in your current role or assist your career progression.
  • Gain recognition for specialized knowledge and qualifications in the advanced concepts of both exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) derivative investments and their applications.

How is the CDAS tailored to my learning needs?

  • Consists of 6 e-learning modules that comprise the Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies Course:
  • To be eligible for the CDMS proctored examination students will need to complete the end of module quizzes for each of the six modules 
  • Recognition for each module following completion of the module's online test is provided through the issuance of Moody's Notice of Completion that is emailed to the student. 
  • Course Materials can be easily accessed and studied through mobile devices
  • To achieve the CDAS, students must complete the in-person exam which is 3 hours in duration. 
  • Successful completers of the exam will be sent a Moody's branded wall document certificate.
  • Course Materials can be easily accessed and studied through mobile devices 
  • Estimated study time is in the 60 to 80 hour range.

Who is taking the CDAS?

  • Trading Desk Professionals 
  • Students
  • Undergraduates 
  • Post Graduates
  • Retired Professionals
  • CA/CS/CMA (Pursuing & Passed outs)
  • Research Analysis 
  • Investment Advisory Roles 
  • Institutional Sales 
  • Risk Management 
  • Conventional & Alternative Portfolio Management 
  • Structured Product Development 
  • Treasurer Roles 

About CDAS

The Certificate in Advanced Derivatives Analysis Strategies consists of Six modules with Real time Projects & Assessments on Vocal Level with Final Assessment Exam . Below is a breakdown of the topic areas for each of the modules:

  • Basic + Advance into Derivative Market : Understanding Basics live on Practical Applications & Softwares by Industry Experts .
  • Hedging & Arbitrage Strategies : This strategy is a catchall for a variety of different strategies used with a broad array of securities. The underlying concept is that a hedge fund manager is purchasing a security that is expected to appreciate, while simultaneously selling short a related security that is expected to depreciate. Related securities can be the stock and bond of a specific company; the stocks of two different companies in the same sector; or two bonds issued by the same company with different maturity dates and/or coupons. In each case, there is an equilibrium value that is easy to calculate since the securities are related but differ in some of their components.
  • Options Greeks Model  - Delta -Theta - Gamma - Vega - Rho
  • Trading options without an understanding of the greeks would be like trying to fly a plane without the ability to read instruments. 
  • Unfortunately, many traders have never heard of the greeks and yet they jump into options. This puts them at risk later, much like a pilot would experience flying in bad weather without the benefit of instruments.  This class is designed to teach you how to trade options correctly. After learning about Delta, Gamma, Theta & Vega, you will be able to put on great trades. You will be able to easily adjust trades that are not working as expected (option repairs). You will be able to understand whether remaining in the trade is good or bad based on the time decay (theta) experienced daily. What could be better than learning how to avoid losses and maximize profits?
  • The delta of an option will also tell you how likely (statistically) an option is to being in-the-money. In other words, the options market gives you the answers to all of the questions you could possible ask. If a stock is at $50/share. Then you can with the click of a mouse find out how probable it is that the stock would be at 45/share, 50/share or 55/share over the next month! When I first learned what the professional traders know it blew my mind! When taking an option position or setting up an options strategy, there will be risk and reward from the following factors: 
    • Price change (delta)
    • Changes in volatility (vega)
    • Time decay (theta)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone not interested in Trading/Investing in Financial Markets
  • Anyone interested in Trading/Investing in Financial Markets

Advanced Trading Techniques Using Derivatives :

Derivative Statistics : 
Real time Virtual Application of Trades with Application of Option & Futures Strategies . : With Advanced combination of all strike price -- we give master strategies used for Option strike prices ... keeping into view our time decay factor .
Writers Strategies ... option writing strategies for extraordinary returns
Most lucrative Strategies taught are 

  • Long call options - fixed risk unlimited reward potential
  • Long put option - fixed risk big reward potential
  • Straddle
  • Strangle Relatively conservative
  • spreads (vertical spreads, horizontal spreads)
  • Iron condor
  • Call spread
  • Put spread Easiest
  • Covered call (limited reward, big risk)
  • Naked put (limited reward, big risk)

We train on good options selling strategies such as:

  • selling straddles
  • selling verticals (calls / puts)
  • selling iron condors
  • covered calls
  • butterflies
  • unbalanced butterflies

Who can Apply :

  • Students
  • Undergraduates
  • Post Graduates 
  • B-Tech / BA / BCOM / BSc. 
  • Pursuing Professionals like CA - CS - CMA - CFA 
  • MBA Pursuing & Passed outs.
  • Senior Professionals 
  • Traders 
  • Entrepreneurs