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Financial Modelling


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Financial Model applications

Financial Modeling is a key skill with application in several areas within banking and finance industry as well as within corporations.
It prepares you for roles in core – finance areas such as

  • Equity Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Project Finance
  • Business Analysis
  • Credit Rating
  • Mergers &
  • Acquisitions
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • IPO Analysis

Financial Modelling

  • Investment Banking

    Financial Modeling helps Investment Banker in Valuing the company by forecasting the revenues. On the basis of Valuation they recommend the buyer or seller on acquisition of new funds or investments in new funds respectively.
  • Equity Research

    Financial Modeling enables analyst in examining an organization’s financial projections, competitor’s projections and other dynamics to determine whether it is a smart or a risky investment.
  • Credit Rating

    Financial Modeling equips Credit Analysts in collecting historical information & , outstanding debts and forecasting future growth on excel sheet to determine the degree of risk factor , which helps him/her in giving rating.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Financial Modeling helps the companies in access the value of the company which they want to merge or acquire by forecasting the revenues , preparing debt schedule , by doing competitor analysis.
  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Modeling helps companies in assessing their own finances & build financial models for their on projects. & in creating a funding plan through debt and equity components.

Financial Modelling

The program consists of the following four sections:


  • Module 1

    • Excel Proficiency
    • Formatting of Excel Sheets, Use of Excel Formulae Function
    • Data Filter and Sort , Charts and Graphs
    • Table formula and Scenario building, lookups, pivot tables
    • Advanced Modeling Techniques Introduction to macros, Macros, Recording of Macros
    • Understanding Visual Basic Environment (VBE)
  • Module 2

    • Refresher course on Economics, Financial Markets , Financial Statements & Financial Management
    • Introduction Economics, Microeconomics , Macroeconomic
    • Refresher Basic Accounting Principles
    • Reading the Annual Report & International Accounting Standards
    • Time value of money , Long term financing , Cost of capital , Risk and return
    • Capital Structure , Dividend Policy , Working Capital Requirements ,Equity and Industry Analysis
    • Financial Markets & Intermediaries
  • Module 3 Project Finance

    • Project evaluation
    • Stage of project
    • Initial & development phase
    • Funding
    • during investment phase; costs during investment phase; life of project
    • Decision making
    • Cash flow waterfall & resolve circular reference problem in interest during construction.
  • Module 4 -Equity Research Modelling

    • Prepare an Income Statement, Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Geographic Revenue Sheet, Segment Revenue Sheet, Cost Statement, Debt Sheet
    • Analyze Revenue Drivers, Forecast Geographic Revenues, Segment Revenues, Geographic Revenues, Cost Statement, Debt, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.
    • Forecast Geographic Revenues, Segment Revenues, Geographic Revenues, Cost Statement, Debt, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.