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Mergers Acquisitions


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Course Description:

After doing this course, you will be able to:

  • appreciate how businesses grow and gain market share by corporate strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As),
  • know the Global legislations governing an M&A transaction,
  • understand steps and processes needed to complete an M&A transaction,
  • learn the essentials of due diligence before starting Merger,
  • download a sample M&A Contract between two legal entities,
  • Learn all allied concepts, such as Mergers, De Mergers, Joint Ventures, Spin Offs, etc.
  • recognize the reasons behind a successful or a failed merger activity

Table of Contents

  • Section1: Concepts, Strategies and Tactics

    • Corporate Restructuring
    • Forms of Corporate Restructuring
      • Mergers, Acquisition, Consolidation
      • Joint Venture
    • Mergers and Acquisition as a Growth Strategy
      • Intensive Growth
      • Diversification Growth
    • Mergers and Acquisitions Motives and Synergies
      • Monopoly Theory
      • Valuation Theory
    • Takeover and Defence Tactics
      • Takeover Tactics
      • Defence Tactics
    • Intents Of Target Companies
  • Section 2: Legal Aspects

    • Companies Act, 1956
      • Mergers & Demergers
      • Reduction Of Capital
    • Securities and Exchange Board of India
      • Buy-back of the Open Market
      • Obligations of the Merchant Banker
    • Securities & Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares & Takeovers)Regulations, 1997
      • Takeover Panel
      • Escrow Account
    • Clauses 40A and 40B of the Listing Agreements of the BSE and NSE
    • Securities & Exchange Board of India(Delisting of Securities)Guidelines, 2003
      • Procedure for Voluntary Delisting
      • Book Building Process
  • Section 3: Accounting and Taxation Aspects

    • Accounting for Amalgamations & Demergers
      • Accounting for Amalgamations
      • Accounting Standard 14
    • Tax Aspects of Amalgamations & Demergers
      • Implications in Terms of Capital Gains Tax
      • Certain Vexatious Tax Issues Relating to M&A
  • Section 4: Funding & Valuation

    • Funding of Acquisitions
      • Sources of Funds
    • Leveraged Buyout & Going Private
    • Valuation o Target Companies
      • Dividend Discount Model
  • Section 5: Cases

  • Section 6: Appendices

    Learn the concept of Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring with the help of the case study and recent relevant examples.