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Magnum Educorporates offers a wealth of knowledge built up over many years. You can have free access to over 100 original and thought provoking stock market lessons. The stock market tutorials together form an introductory investing course for stock market beginners.
Alternatively you can fast track your learning with the Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training, which includes over 60 hours of continuous and the Liberated Stock Trader Book (in Print or eBook). Additionally you can opt for personal coaching with Offline trainings which will take you to the next level of understanding of the markets.

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Knowledge Level


Beginner to Intermediate

Beginner to Intermediate

Beginner to PRO

Beginner to Pro

Beginner to PRO

The worlds stock markets

Boom & Bust

Fundamental Analysis

Company Accounts

When to buy & Sell

Investing Strategy

Fundamentals made easy

Stock Screening

Beginner Investment Strategy

Inside the Traders Mind

Making the trade

Market Analysis Lessons

Free Tools Reviews

Video Lessons

Intermediate + Pro Level

What Really Moves Markets

Market Cycles & Waves

What makes a great company (Business Fundamentals)

Expert Stock Screening Finding Great Stocks

Fast Growth Companies

Blue Chips

Cyclical / Turnarounds

High Dividend Returns

Stock Charts / Technical Analysis

Bar & Candlestick Charts

Price Patterns / Signals

Advanced Stock Charts 

Ichimoku Cloud


Bollinger Bands

Market Breadth

Chart Indicators

Stochastics / Momentum

Relative Strength (RSI)

Money Flow


Wordens TSV & MoneyStream

Directional Movement System ADX

Market Sentiment

Trading the News

Advanced Trading Strategy

Millionaire Strategy

Using Compounding

Trading Psychology

Market / Sector Analysis

Timing Trades

Stop Losses

Cash Allocation

Risk vs. Reward

Creating a Master System