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Technical Analysis


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Technical Analysis program(COURSE OBJECTIVE)

Advance Technical Analysis Training Program or (CTA ) ,
Advanced Technical Analysis + Call Generating Strategies Training Program
Advanced Technical Analysis + Call Generating Strategies Training Program
This course covers the above contents contributing together with the most expert trade level techniques used in this course summarizing to generate the Market buy and sell recommendations used by Expert analyst and traders …..including Live case studies on companies , Industries , FII buy – sell move , live generation of calls before market and after market , on opening bells and closing bells , Live generation of BTST , STBT , Real case studies using charts and charting software , live NSE EOD charts studies with live generation of calls for the upcoming days , Intraday , delivery , Positional for months years , live dilemma study of every economical market conditions by live projection on LED s under the direct supervision of experts with real implication of tools and techniques of expert level by making every trade a winning trade on consistent basis.
Along with above mentioned curriculum we also cover the technical tool implication like Rubber band reversals , MA setups , Dow theory , real hitting tools which gives the highest profitability , live study on live charts by using Standard error channels , Donchian channels , Triple bottom reversals , Double bottom reversals etc……

Course objective


    • MODULE A Technical analysis: basic
    • MODULE B Trend analysis
    • MODULE C Moving average
    • MODULE D Oscillators & indicator
    • MODULE E Price patterns
    • MODULE F Advance candlesticks
    • MODULE G Fibonacci analysis
    • MODULE H Elliott wave theory
    • MODULE I Gann theory
    • MODULE J Inter-market technical analysis


    • Become Professionals making investment and trading calls for Equity & Commodity markets based on technical analysis.
    • Various Technical Analysis Software Identifying Trends, Support &   Resistance  chart  pattern  by  using Technical  Analysis  & generating Intraday /Swing/ long Tem Calls
    • Analyze  Indian  &Global  Market  trends  &  adopting implementation  plan  for  initiatives  that  will  help  customers  to make higher returns & capitalize opportunities in the market
    • To Generate daily Intraday/ positional Calls with high accuracy/hit ratio
    •  Identifying trend reversal patterns
    • Able to give consistent performance in all segments i.e. EQUITY,F&O, COMMODITY,FOREX & COMEX


    • Research Analyst
    • Research Associate
    • Investment Analyst
    • Equity Research Analyst
    • Technical Analyst
    • Derivative Analyst
    • Management Trainee – Technical Analysis
    • Equity Advisor
    • Investment Advisor