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Trading Strategy Program


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Trading Strategy Program

Why a person should do Options & Derivative Analysis : Advance trading strategy program : are known to be risky investments. However, many traders are surprised when they learn that one of the biggest reasons to use options is to reduce risk. Investors interested in using options should understand the risk they are assuming before they attempt to enter into any options transaction Options offer investors ways to enhance their leverage over an underlying stock. This also can increase the risk faced by the investor. Knowing the risks and how to assess them is an important step to successfully using options to generate consistent profits and hedge an existing portfolio. Options have a great deal of potential, but you should always remember that they are different from stocks. Learning how to use options properly requires a little effort on your part; however, once you have a firm grasp of the essentials, you’ll quickly find that options give you more flexibility to tailor the risk and reward of every trade to your individual needs.

Course objective

Broader Contents Covered

Option Terminologies
  • Call Option/Put Option
  • Index Options/Stock Options
  • Exercise/Square-off/Expiration
Option Price & Premium components
  • Strike Price/Spot Price
  • Time value of an option/Intrinsic value of an option
  • At-the-money option / In-the-money option / Out-of-the-money option
Participants in the Option market and their Pay-off Profile
  • Buyer of an option / Writer of an option
  • Long call / Short call / Long put / Short put
Open Interest Dashboard
  • Price, Open Interest, Volume, Cost of carry relationship
  • Bullish & Bearish indicators
Call / Put Ratio Indicator
  • Understand the mass psychology of option traders
  • Bullish & Bearish Indicators
  • Find out market trading range
Option Trading Strategies
  • For Bullish Vs Bearish views
  • For mildly Bullish / Bearish view
  • For volatile market Vs sideways trend
  • Shuffling the Winning / Losing Positions
  • Strategies for Week-1, 2, 3 and close to expiry time
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Course Details and Others

  • 5 sessions on weekends
  • Convenient timing for batches
  • Course fees:   18,000/
  • 08004805095